WeHaulMoving or Nationwide Moving is a joke - I had the move from ***!!!

Las Vegas, Nevada 2 comments
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I put down a deposit for a full service professional move and that is the farthest thing from what I received!! I paid for a move for May 27th or 28th and the movers finally moved my things June13th. In that time, I had to fill out a change of date form, since they did not show up and they missed that date also.

I was charged more than what estimate given, but they would not show me the certified weight tickets from the scales.

If you are moving, do not use this company or Nationwide - they are the same company. They have no interest in the customer or in customer service.

Review about: Full Service Moving Company.


Samson, Alabama, United States #26448

This company is so full of bullsh**t.

They were very rude and arrogant in emails.Definatly be warned of any mover that does not come to your house to do an estimate.

You will be sure to have the old "bait and switch".

Your cost will be so much higher then the bullsh**t price you were quoted.Just read the message boards, it happens a lot.

Rossmoor, California, United States #26218

I had no problems at all with the services from wehaul. Whenever I had a question all I did was call them and they helped me.

I guess your mileage may vary applies here, but thought I'd add my 2 cents worth anyway.

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